Spanish FAQ

What class should I register for?
If you put Spanish as your high school language when you applied to Sonoma State, you cannot receive GE credit for Beginning Spanish 101 or 102. The general tendency is that each year of language in high school is equal to one semester at the University; i.e. if you took two years in high school, you are ready for Spanish 201. If you speak Spanish at home, you must begin with Spanish 201 or higher.

NOTE: At Santa Rosa Junior College, Spanish 1 is the same as our Spanish 101, Spanish 2, our Spanish 102; Spanish 3, our Spanish 201; Spanish 4, our Spanish 202.

What is the Spanish Program Credit and Placement policy for the AP Spanish Language Exam?
Score of 1 or 2: No credit or placement. Take SSU placement test and/or meet with an advisor
Score of 3: Credit for 101, 102, 201 (12 units);  Placement in SPAN 202
Score of 4: Credit for 101, 102, 201, 202 (16 units);  Placement in SPAN 300
Score of 5: Credit for 101, 102, 201, 202, 300 (20 units);  Placement in SPAN 301

What is the Spanish Program Credit and Placement policy for the AP Spanish Literature Exam?
Score of 1 or 2: No credit or placement. Meet with an advisor for an evaluation.
Score of 3 or higher: Credit for SPAN 305

How can I be sure that I am registering for the class which most accurately measures my level of proficiency?
It is a good idea to get a Spanish placement evaluation with a Spanish advisor to help you identify the level where you will be the most comfortable. Please make an appointment by email. NOTE: If you place into a higher-level Spanish course, you move ahead faster so that you can do a major or minor (which are all upper-division classes, i.e. they are at the 300-level).

What is the difference between lower-division and upper-division classes?
The courses numbered from 100-299 are lower division; courses numbered from 300-499 are upper-division.

Do Spanish classes count for GE?
Yes! Spanish classes satisfy requirements for the C3 General Education category. However, if Spanish was the language you studied in high school, only a Spanish class at the 200-level or above will count in the C3 area of G.E. However, Spanish classes taken at the 100-level will still be counted as elective units.

Which classes should I take first in the major or minor?
For major or minor, students should always enroll in Spanish 300 first, as soon as 202 (or equivalent) is completed. If more than two classes can be taken, then Spanish 301, 304, and/or 305 are recommended depending on the semester. These classes will help with grammar, writing, and reading comprehension before taking such classes as Spanish 306, Spanish 307 and the 400 level classes. NOTE: No 400-level classes should be attempted before completing most of the 300-level classes.

How does one sign up for Independent Study?
Independent Study (Spanish 495) or Internship class (Spanish 499) are individually prepared, depending on the student's interests and needs. This option is open only during the senior year. Students should consult their Spanish advisor one year or one semester ahead to plan for such a class, which can count 3 or 4 units.

Whom should I contact if I have other questions?
Contact, Jeffrey Reeder at 664-4268 (, Robert Train at 664-2014 (, Parissa Tadrissi at 664-3163 (, or Emily Clark at 664-2436 (