Salvador Garcia Vigil - Spanish

April 22, 2024
Salvador Garcia

While you were at SSU, did you have an idea of what you’d do after graduation?
Looking back at my undergraduate study at Sonoma State University, at the beginning, I had no idea what I would do after graduation. I started out as many undeclared students, taking courses in various departments and exploring different majors and/or fields. Giving myself that freedom allowed me to focus on my interests–ultimately allowing me the necessary time and experience to decide on what I really wanted to study and pursue after graduation.

How did your studies or activities at SSU influence your future job choices?
Taking classes in Spanish as well as in Political Science at Sonoma State University significantly influenced the job choices I would choose in the future. Finding connections within the study of Spanish and my political interest is something that continues to give me fulfillment and satisfaction. This instance was central in narrowing my work and research interests in my graduate study and my career.

Tell me about your trajectory after SSU.
My trajectory after Sonoma State University has been a journey of love, and of drawing my own path in higher education. Thorns and flowers along my way, from opportunities completing a doctorate, research, to teaching and advising. I have never taken any of those opportunities for granted. And continue to be very grateful for the various chances that I have found along my path and career in academia.

How did you find your current job?
My work, research, and experience in higher education, Spanish specifically, lead me to a position as Student Advisor at Sonoma State University. From there, I believe it was my interest in working and supporting students that has led me to use my skills and education to focus on helping students succeed in higher education.

What challenges or benefits have you found in your current position?
In all of my positions, not just in my most current, I have found that challenges come and go, but not without leaving us with the benefit of having learned from them (as little or as big as they might have been). Bigger challenges do not signify an end to the road, rather only the necessity to work harder for our goals.

Has your Spanish major helped you in your career?

My Spanish major has helped me in all aspects of my career. Genuinely, I cannot talk about my career without first mentioning that without it, I would not have a career. This major prepared me to approach the study of language and narrative–allowing me to venture into research and from there into the various academic and professional opportunities that have made my career.

What advice do you have for current students?
Believing in yourself is the most important piece of advice I can give to current students. And with that belief, in yourself, to pursue all of your interests.

What do you see yourself doing five or ten years from now?
Ten years is a long time. Yet in the blink of an eye, ten years have gone by. I hope to use my learned experience to go for another ten years of invaluable experience and fulfillment–continuing to learn about my academic interests and supporting students.