German FAQ

What class should I register for?

As a general rule of thumb, one year of language in high school is roughly equivalent to one semester of college language study. So, if you've studied German for one year in high school, you should sign up for GER 102.

Can I get university credit for any of my high school German?

If a student scores a 3 on the German AP Exam, the student earns credit for GER 101 (4 units), GER 102 (4 units), and GER 210 (4 units) for a total of 12 units.
If a student scores a 4 or 5 on the German AP Exam, the student earns credit for GER 101 (4 units), GER 102 (4 units), GER 200 (4 units), and GER 210 (4 units) for a total of 16 units.
Contact Michaela Grobbel ( if you have any questions about your placement.

Do German classes count for GE credit?

Yes! Intermediate (200 level) German courses count for General Education credit if you took German in high school. GER 101 and 102 apply to the C3 General Education category as long as you used a different language to satisfy your CSU language entrance requirement.

If I want to study abroad, what are my options?

Sonoma State University offers established Study Abroad opportunities in German-speaking counties. Most of these programs are full-year programs run by the California State University International Programs office. Anyone wishing to study abroad should begin by speaking with International Services.

Where can I get to know other people who are interested in German?

Join us for our weekly "Kaffeestunde" or informal lunch hour in Charlie Brown's Café. Please check back later for our meeting times. This is a great opportunity to practice and keep up your German skills even if you do not take German. Keep your eyes open for activities and events organized by the German Club "Gemütlichkeit." For example, you may be interested in the German Film Series on campus. Watch for flyers and other announcements on the club's bulletin board outside the Department. Feel free to talk to the German instructor for more information.

Can I complete a German minor or major program at SSU?

German courses offered at SSU may be counted towards a minor in German. Other minor requirements may be completed abroad, or at another American university. For information about a Special Studies major in German Cultural Studies please contact Dr. Michaela Grobbel directly.

Whom should I contact if I have other questions?

Contact Prof. Michaela Grobbel (, 707-664.2637) with any other questions, or visit our webpage.