Previous German Events


  • NOVEMBER 19, 2021: International Education Week- The Integration of Turkish Guest Workers in Germany. SSU's Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Yasemin Schüenemann discussed the German guest worker program from the 60s that majorly shaped Germany's society until now. The presentation gave insight into the historical and economic impacts on welcoming foreign workers who did not only help to build the German economy but who decided to stay in Germany, too. As first-hand impressions, two Turkish immigrants answered questions about their migration journey and the question of feeling at home.

  • NOVEMBER 17, 2021: International Education Week- What Does it Mean to be German. Our German international students, Lydia Bobb, Gamze Can, and Fulbright FLTA, Yasemin Schüenemann,  shared their experiences growing up in German, and answered questions in the session about "being German."  

  • MAY 3, 2021: Together with the German Consulate in San Francisco, Professor Grobbel presented in Spring 2021 an informational webinar at SSU with "My German University" on the various universities and study options in Germany and how to find and apply for programs. Check out the webinar for information!

  • APRIL 29, 2021: Super Charge your Career with German. We explored how German language skills can open up career opportunities or help you get internships. Learned
    about local German organizations, potential German scholarship funding and heard from industry representatives who successfully used German to advance their career.

  • November 9, 2020: "The Mitzvah Project." About the fate of “Mischlinge” (half Jewish/non-Jewish people) during the Nazi Era through theater and a brief lecture. Let's learn from the past and make connections between racial persecution in German history and disturbing racially driven acts of violence in this country today. The Mitzvah Project: video trailer

  • OCTOBER 8, 2020: Screening of "At Second Glance" followed by discussion with director Sheri Hagen from Berlin. A movie about love and the search for closeness and connection, it features three sight-impaired couples in Berlin, and asks thought-provoking questions about racial diversity, including different forms of dis/abilities, and about seeing and not seeing.

  • NOVEMBER 2017: Germany and European Integration: Mini Conference. This mini lecture series featured issues of migration into and within the EU, integration of refugees, Brexit, and other aspects related to the history and structure of the EU.

  • NOVEMBER 13, 2016:  "Berlin- Symphony of a Great City."  A special fusion of cinema and music, created by Berlin-based band ALP, mixing rock band dynamics, improvisation, and laptop electronics, with this classic silent film from 1927 taking us back in time to a Berlin of a bygone era, giving us shivers, goose bumps and a feeling of the massive energy of a megalopolis! Radio Goethe:

  • MAY 3, 2016: Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant Jonas Richter presented his final talk at SSU, "The EU in World Politics-A Critical Essay by Jonas Richter".For more information on the Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant program, visit

  • FEBRUARY 25, 2014: Austrian Music and Dance Workshop
    Tuesday, Cooperage, 7:30-9pm--Click here for more information.

  • OCTOBER 8, 2013: "Germany Today" Special Lecture, Presented by Julia Reinhardt, German Consulate General, San Francisco at 1 pm in 101 Ives

  • OCTOBER 8, 2013: Scholarships and Internships in Germany DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) workshop at 5 pm  in 2016 Salazar by Hanni Geist

  • APRIL 23, 2013: Austrian novelist LUDWIG LAHER -- “AND TAKE WHAT COMES“ (“UND NEHMEN WAS KOMMT”)

  • FEBRUARY 26, 2013: Learn about Switzerland in German and French! Lecture by Irene Dubois-Mahler.

  • SEPTEMBER 27th, 2012: Reading by Ika Hügel-Marshall from her book "Invisible Woman: Growing up Black in Germany." Plus a screening of the film “Audre Lorde – the Berlin Years: 1984 to 1992.” 

  • FALL 2009 -- Ceija Stojka Exhibit

  • AUGUST 17- OCTOBER 30, 2009: LIVE-DANCE-PAINT: WORKS BY CEIJA STOJKA, ROMANI ("GYPSY") ARTIST "Live-Dance-Paint"was  featured works by Ceija Stojka, a prolific, self-taught artist who depicts her life as a traveling Romani woman before and after World War II, the trauma she and other Roma experienced in the Nazi concentration camps of Auschwitz, Ravensbrück, and Bergen-Belsen, and the hope she has for future generations to overcome oppression. Check out more at the SSU Library.

    Articles about the Exhibit in the Sonoma State Star:


  • Sprachfest/Language Festival

  • Max und Moritz Theatre

  • Fairy, the Tale: Presented by Spoken-Word Artist Nora Gomringer and DJ Kermit --View the videos

  • Charlotte Salomon Exhibit

  • Anna Rosmus

  • Reading by Ika Hügel-Marshall

  • German National Youth Orchestra Concert to Commemorate the Berlin Airlift (Berliner Luftbrücke)

  • Oktoberfest